Consignment Application

Consignment Application

 1.  Consignment items can be dropped off  Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday 10:00am-7:00pm

 2. We accept in-season and current style clothing. Items must be clean, pressed on hangers or neatly folded. If items are too wrinkled we will not accept them.


 3. No more than 25 items, per day, per consignor may be dropped off. We will only look through 25 items.

 4. Your items will go through a two review process. (a) 1st review: the staff at Sweet Repeats will make every attempt to review your items at the time of drop-off. If this cannot be accomplished the items will be left at Sweet Repeats to be reviewed later that day. If not claimed by the FOLLOWING DROP OFF  DAY. " Didn't Take Items" will become the property of Sweet Repeats consignment store and WILL BE DONATED. (B) 2nd review: Done when your items are entered into your account, if the staff finds any reason that we cannot accept your items already passed through 1st review; these items WILL BE DONATED!

5. The Consignment Period is for 2 months (60 days). You must pick up an items that did not sell on or before the 60 day mark (no more than a week before), you must go through the store and pull your own items that have expired.  Any items not picked up by the 60 day mark will become property of Sweet Repeats and will be donated. NO NOTICE OR COURTESY CALL WILL BE GIVEN TO PICK UP EXPIRED ITEMS

6. Sweet Repeats will receive 60 % and the consignor will receive 40 % of the selling price. Less any applicable fees or taxes.

7. Occasionally sales or promotions may be given. Consignors will receive 40 % of the sale price.

8. Items  will take markdowns depending on their length of stay. Consignors will receive 40 % of the sale price.

After 21 days the item will be marked 20 % off

After 45 days the item will be marked 50 % off

All items will expire on the 60 day mark.

9. Payouts will be given by check and can be picked up any day of the month @ Sweet Repeats for items that have sold. We can mail a check at the end of your consignment, Consignor must provide a self addressed stamped envelope.

10. Purchases may be made at Sweet Repeats any time of the month, will accrued money on the consignors account.

11. Consignor may call anytime to check balance on account, or expiration date. It is the consignors responsibility to keep up with their account. WE DO NOT CALL WHEN MONEY HAS ACCRUED IN ACCOUNT.